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Flaunting your stuff in itty bitty lingerie in front of a camera isn’t exactly something you’re feeling confident about. But at the same time, you WANT to blast past those insecurities, do something incredibly thrilling for yourself, and have stunning images to boot! 

That's where we come in. We've got all of the knowledge, tools, and love to make it happen for you!  

        We do the makeup, hair, and customize each session to fit YOUR body type. Because guess what? EVERY women is SEXY. EVERY woman is GORGEOUS. And It is my job to prove that to you. Let us do the work to show you. The best part? You do NOT need to lose those pesky pounds to look absolutely breath taking! ITS ALL ABOUT ANGLES. I love finding your best angles and bringing out the goddess in you.  

I, the photographer, mom, wife, lover of beauty, will be gentle with you, help empower you, push you past your insecurities, prove that you do not need to be a size 0, 8, or 12  to be sexy, passionate, and a GODDESS.  I just ask you to trust me, a total stranger with the skills, know how, and genuinely has a passion to bring out your most gorgeous inner and outer self. 

Serving empowered women all over Oregon. 

(packages start at $350 and go up)

*Please NOTE that only outdoor sexy sessions are being observed 

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